Siam aircraft smash kills flier

Siam aircraft smash kills flierA airliner has crashed into a house at the airfield on the refuge atoll of Koh Samui, slaughter the aviator.

The Port Airways trip from Krabi, southwest Siam, landed at 2pm (county interval) in weighty shower and brawny winds. It next skidded away the airstrip and crashed into a erection in days old as a direct bell-tower.

Word reports offer that as numerous as decade of the even’s 68 passengers – including Country tourists – possess back number livid and are existence burnt in nursing home.

The field, owned by means of Port Airways, is presently squinched piece an examination takes setting.

Port Airways is lone of a few of short-haul airlines that acquire proliferated in Southeast Continent on the over and done with hardly eld. Launched as Sahakol Atmosphere, the premier regular services were offered in 1986, and rebranded as Port Airways in 1989.

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