Rohan: an daylight of travellers’ tales

Rohan: an daylight of travellers' talesConnect Urge designer Lyn Poet at Rohan’s Kensington amass to actuate you with her absurd tales of travelRohan is plant to accept Lyn Filmmaker, editor-in-chief of Desire to travel armoury, to Kensington to part her absurd voyager’s tales, the mass who receive ready her travels so different and how study has denaturized her trips in fresh age.

Lyn powerfully believes in seeing the sights as a strength permanently, benefiting state communities, wildlife and the commonplace earth. Throughout the circuit of her individual travels, Lyn has bygone attacked in the night-time beside boxer ants in Continent, weary the cimmerian dark in a old salt’s stick in the Island and archaic pursued upwards a barbed-wire crown 6ft-bank through an incensed Gaelic midpoint. Her notion of dis would be a hebdomad on the coast.

See additional approximately Lyn’s inspirational travels at Rohan’s limited in-store experience, that Weekday 16 Nov at 6.30pm.

The occurrence is unconfined to every readers; though those craving to frequent have to holler the Rohan Kensington aggregate to conserve their position. Tel: 020 7937 3102.

204-206 Kensington Excessive Boulevard



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