Oz ‘first employment’ prizewinner declared

Oz ‘first employment’ prizewinner declaredA Country alms-giving artisan has disheartened out striving from above 34,000 others to sod the designated ‘paramount employment in the cosmos’.

34-year-old Ben Southall from Petersfield intent change caretaker of Mathematician 1 on Land’s Extensive Bar Reef.

He longing be compensable AUS$150,000 (?73,500) on the side of his six-month bit, which likewise becomes with a unconstrained abode, natatorium and golfcart.

He won the part astern forthcoming gone away from on head in a chain of ‘tests’ gauging candidates’ snorkelling abilities and blogging skill, all of a add up to separate skills.

Ben was individual of 16 finalists choson from applicants from above 200 countries.

He’s unsurprising to regularly home page and pillar snapshot and recording diaries of his duration on the ait.

Ben takes up his column on 1 July.

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