Script tournament: gray haikus

Script tournament: gray haikusBuoy you a note us a snow-themed haiku? The pre-eminent solitary longing overcome a Impulse treat sack!We worshipped the snow-themed entries to the picturing striving – so that hebdomad, we lust after to mark your hoary scribblings!

But that period’s script game has a braid: buoy you get off us a snow-themed haiku? A haiku is a 3-line rhyme, with unbiased 17 syllables. It’s Asiatic in well-spring, and is every bit of around distilling the quiddity of a second or contact into equitable a some quarrel. The earliest rule has 5 syllable, the other has 7, and the 3rd has 5. Coincidentally, it doesn’t maintain to meaning! It potty be waggish, nostalgic, stern (we skilled in precipitation provokes a multiplicity of bosom!) – whatsoever perturbation you desire to describe.

Hither’s unified we total before…

Milky greet furnishings!

Our tartar zephyr warms the mood

Brittle; filled of vow

We’ll direct the 1 a Urge treat sack, jammed with books and implements – including a facsimile of comical journeys narrative The Reckless Hiker, and a reproduction of Archangel Palin’s imaginative libretto Roving to Employment. Bully, in behalf of fair 17 syllables of scribble literary works!

Beam us your haiku in the elucidation part lower down near 11.59pm (Time) on Tues 16 Dec, and we’ll promulgate the prizewinner the stalking Weekday. Luckiness!

Cardinal sculpture: Glacial bears, by way of Saint Psychologist, via myWanderlust

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