It’s term in support of a micro-adventure

It's term in support of a micro-adventureThe Midsummer is fast-approaching in the Circumboreal Hemisphere. Ardent hero Alastair Humphreys wants you to pull and set up the nearly everyone of the giant alfresco. Hither’s how…On 21st June we crave as diverse group as reasonable to undertake a micro-adventure – fundamentally a mini-trip where you expend a tenebriousness in covered by the stars or struggle something that pushes your boundaries.

Hither’s the method:

  • Grip a ally, a co-worker or stay blether your possess.
  • Skull in favour of the countryside near motorcycle, on measure, by way of following, canoe or though you identical.
  • Doze outdoors underneath the stars (bivvy, not spectator area!) and accept glee.
  • That’s it!
  • Rules are representing the regulation of sapient men and the conformity of fools.
  • If you cannot do that on the blackness of the solstice (or if it’s actually raining!) in that case pull on’t agonize – you buoy go representing a period advance and a workweek after.
  • If you want several alleviate thought a micro-adventure flick hither. Or check Alastair’s inspirational home page hither.

We crave you…

…To puncture a videotape of no-more-than cardinal summary in totality to report your micro-adventure. It potty be a six-second skim of you in a bivvy sack or a yearner videotape show your trip. If you pull on’t lust after to posit a chock-a-block picture – a lucid pic or anecdote desire answer. As great as you form unswerving we notice your surrender you buoy contemplate on yourself in the direction championing a winnings. Hither are the simplest distance of entry:

  • ‘Similar’ the micro-adventures verso on Facebook and apportionment your chronicle on the period.
  • Picket a connection to your television on Chirp through the hashtag #microadventure.
  • Bring into being a Mountaineer cartridge on your iPhone and part it on Cheep by the hashtag #microadventure. Contemporary disposition be a purse representing the superb Corydalis videotape.
  • Upload a recording to the Vimeo micro-adventure union and connection thereto on Trill (hashtag #microadventure) or the micro-adventures period on Facebook.

You could out first:

Via incoming a cartridge operational figure follow-up large, you could come in enormous prizes from Trek Bikes, howies, Hawk Packs, Deal Tackle, and, course, Urge!

What are you for the future in the service of?

Buy provision your Midsummer micro-adventure just now!

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