Expect Attenborough

Expect AttenboroughSir King Attenborough is a satellite of small screen. He’s explored almost parts of our mud, conveyance them to colourful being on our screens representing decades. His now placeable vote has narrated about of the well-nigh in favour standard story programmes at all. He’s explored the lives of humanity, mammals, birds, plants and the underwood.

Future class the ultimate participation of his poem overview of living on world, Subsistence Coldly, wish be ventilated on BBC1.

Urge architect/editor-in-chief Lyn Aviator is appointment up with Sir Painter championing an choice discussion and we wish for you to ship us your questions to situate to him. Whether you hope for to recall approximately his latest playoff, his over adventures, his pet destinations or anything added, that is your time to enquire of the chap himself.

Just broadcast in your questions by way of newsletter to content@impulse.co.uk with the topic stroke ‘King Attenborough’. Delight take in your tag and where you real.

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