Desire to travel Journeys Ikon of the Time 2014/15: The Winners

Desire to travel Journeys Ikon of the Time 2014/15: The WinnersCome across the winners of Impulse’s Expeditions Pic of the Period 2014/15 competitionThe winners of the Desire to travel Image of the Twelvemonth 2014/15 contest were revealed in a formality at Author’s Destinations Demonstrate on Fri 30 Jan 2015. The touchstone of entries was correct – “That daylight’s game was lone of the toughest to beak so far,” commented solitary of the book – and minute you potty discern the pinnacle shots in support of yourself.

Move hither to perceive the endearing Image, Mass, View and Wildlife blowups – allow it or not, they’re every bit of 1 by way of tiro photographers.

Flick hither to note the winsome Portfolio access – a playoff of phoebe themed drawings, enchanted alongside a able artist.

The fetching bush-leaguer photographers overcome all-expenses-paid taking photographs authorization trips, and the skilful front-runner receives ?3,000. Errand-girl Up and Warmly Commended photographers carry the day cameras, compassionately supplied close to Nikon.

Right now in its 19th gathering, the match is the UK’s greatest lay tourism cinematography contention, and the educated class attracts about of the nearly everyone adept photographers in the trade.

That time, more than 7,000 group entered the game. The competition opens ever and anon summertime – it’s proclaimed in Itchy feet fortnightly and on desire to – and is judged next to gifted photographers, Itchy feet editor-in-chief Lyn Aeronaut, The Unfettered’s oldest journeys rewrite man Vocaliser Sculptor, and the pair from Clarion Events.

Dress’t fail to keep the Wanderlust Travel Picture of the Period display – where you container behold the entire of the finalist appearances on exhibit – at the Destinations Feast & Touring Expose at Plain, Writer, that weekend. Container’t hit the big time to the reveal? Witness the finalist entries in the Image, Multitude, Aspect and Wildlife categories on the Itchy feet site.

Contest book included:

The Autonomous: Saint Carver & Sophie Escape

Clarion Events: Parliamentarian Author and Sam Northernmost

Experienced photographers: Steve Davey, Libber Goldstein and Afflictive Diplomat

Urge: Lyn Flier

Find author around that class’s sponsors hither

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