200 time day of the earliest ascension of Jungfrau

200 time day of the earliest ascension of JungfrauOn 3 Dignified 1811, the Jungfrau became the chief tor in the Land Range upward of 4000m to be summited.Scrupulously 200 living past currently, figure men ended record when they became the leading men to attain the climax of the Jungfrau.

Deuce brothers Johann-Rudolf and Hieronymus Meyer started in Aarau in the northeast westernmost of Svizzera ahead hiring deuce leather hunters, Carpenter Bortis and Alois Volker to relieve them pilot the heap from the Valais.

The 4,158m summit was the premier lot in Svizzera upon 4,000m to be conquered. Stepping onto the 1, the brothers wrote, “A insufficient position and we stood on the maximal period of the Jungfrau. The position was approximately 12 feet in diam.”

In spite of that, nothing believed the Meyer brothers, as the pennant they hoisted at the summit could not be seen from the gorge. To confirm a spike, the undertaking was continual the succeeding season through inseparable of the brothers.

To honour the chance, a workweek of festivities, organized via the Jungfrau 4,000+ Association, is charming locus in the Lauterbrunnen gorge until 7 Venerable 2011. Sundry just and educative events are engaging location to glass case the Jungfrau altogether its celebrity and these days, Honorable 3rd, gifted mountaineers and celebrities longing mount to the peak.

Whatever climbers purposefulness and take hold of the initial itinerary from Aarua in routine vesture, ahead celebrating in the Bicentennial levee in Wengen.

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