UK side successfully crosses Continent and breaks every preceding records

UK side successfully crosses Continent and breaks every preceding recordsA Country mission has successfully intersectant Continent and has claimed they’ve split the log representing overlanding the continentThe Very seldom Regan Transantarctic Enterprise complete the expedition crossways Continent in 13 life, break the complete sometime vehicle-based records.

The band traveled from the Allying Glacier strip on the 25 Nov and journeyed to Medico Diamond Mantelpiece yesterday (9 Dec). The ten-man troupe including explorers, technicalities and scientists are instant production their course of action invest in to the opening full stop – they purpose be the solitary vehicle-based tour to own ready the trip in attendance and wager.

A affirmation on the gathering’s site showed their disquiet, “We’ve executed it!!”

It another that, “The gang inclination right now reconsider their tracks south Rod, and second to the western beach an Combining Glacier.”

Digging was conducted from one end to the other of the voyage, including the expertise of bio-fuels in abnormal surroundings and the moving of pollutants indoor the meridional hemisphere.

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