Translation striving!

Translation striving!Dismiss you version that? If your title brews us break, you could achieve first place in prizes…Final period, millions of beasts and traders flocked to Pushkar Camel Unbiased in Rajasthan, Bharat – residence of camel races, camel trading, and camel dream pageants (yes, in reality!)

We imagine that that craftily jewelled animal, depicted, could string bag the tiara in favour of ‘prettiest camel’, but crapper you mould that representation flat healthier via adding a ludicrous legend?

Suppose you’re a ludicrous penny-a-liner? If you form us guffaw with a translation representing that picture charmed from the whip-round, you could finish first in a Itchy feet kickshaw shopping bag loaded with books and expeditions cog-wheel!

Just join your legend in the ‘Comments’ segment further down, and we’ll recognise our pet – you’ve got until 11.59pm (Ut1) on Weekday 11 Nov. Luckiness!

Picture: Adorned camel (Shutterstock)

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