Quake rocks Burma

Quake rocks BurmaNortheast Burma has dated strike next to a 6.8-magnitude quake, roughly the borders with Laos and Siam, and quivering buildings as far-away outside as BangkokA powerful seism has beat north-eastern Burma, away the borders with Siam and Laos, more 70 miles (110km) from the north Tai diocese of Chiang Rai.

Asiatic policemen statement that leastwise lone living soul has archaic killed.

The US Geologic Measure initially said the shake was a magnitude-7.0, ahead revise it slightly have a nap to 6.8.

Tremors could be mat as long way out as Port, on the verge of 500 miles (800km) southmost of the epicenter, and in Annam’s crown, Hanoi – cardinal countries inaccurate from the epicenter.

Chiang Rai continual a doll-sized injury according to Asiatic idiot box, but contemporary were no swift reports of price from the Burma take.

The tremble smack in a sparsely populated and distant size so communicating is burdensome, piece Burma’s military-controlled rule and strongly controls advice.

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