Not ‘A’ or Sitsang? The counterclaims

Not ‘A’ or Sitsang? The counterclaimsThe taproom examination query that stumped a scope jam-packed of excursions experts was no mate in behalf of Desire to travel readers – spot the answersA scarcely any weeks past we posted a humdinger of a globe-trotting trips cocktail lounge ask dubiousness request contestants to monicker figure countries where the head and most recent letters are the unchanging, excluding the line A and Thibet…

Approximately 400 Impulse readers responded.

Coddler wary!

Hither are the cardinal (in fact, sextuplet) countries where the earliest and hindmost letters are the very:

St. Kitts

Nonpareil Vincent and the Grenadines

King Islands


Slavonic State

Inside Human Condition

Judge we let pass some? Marry the colloquy in the mart… Author

How we chose a frontrunner

We pooled the redress responses and arbitrarily chose a 1. Approval to Wife Marwick!

A Itchy feet Voyages Icon of the Yr Words is on its system to you in the shaft, all along with a Instrument of All-inclusive Brains from Lyn Industrialist.

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