Contention: Commode you version that?

Contention: Commode you version that?Stool you fashion us chuckle with a legend on the side of that ikon? If so, you could achieve first place in prizes!We dismiss’t procure sufficient of that sumptuous ikon alongside myWanderlust fellow Jackie Downey – those paws! That muddied physiognomy! We suppose it deserves a ingenious version: stool you imagine a humorous individual?

If you build us titter with a title in the service of that image, you could overcome a Urge kickshaw sack, stuffed with books and expeditions works! Purely tot up your translation in the ‘Comments’ branch farther down, and we’ll discern our choice – you’ve got until 11.59pm (Ut1) on Weekday 9 Dec. Fluke!

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