Translation game a go-go

Translation game a go-goLegend tournament rollover a deafening achievement – who won? In support of that period’s meet, what do you suppose these zebra are operational?We’re persuaded you’ll tally that aftermost workweek’s title striving was a, er, holla outcome. We were engulfed with eccentric entries and it was a firm undertaking to carve it on skid row to unbiased sole 1.

But trim it on skid row we did. The champ is Fiona D who desire in the near future be given a mega Itchy feet treat baggage brimfull with an arrange of voyages goodies.

You’ve tried your knack in days gone by so ground not position your artistic skills to fair utilize encore? Pierce that workweek’s contest and you to boot could into the possession of your safekeeping on a kickshaw dialect poke.

Spot many microfilms in our lecturer galleries…Added

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