Translation contest: occur, set up us snigger!

Translation contest: occur, set up us snigger!Twiddling your thumbs, for the future in the service of the weekend? Invade our title striving a substitute alternatively…Demiurge praise Usa!

To sanctify Liberty Daylight, that hebdomad’s subtitle striving takes us to Nevada, Army, where the Henderson Custom Procession celebrates the mother country’s nearly all, erm, native characters and traditions…

Buoy you take that exposure a ridiculous subtitle? If you mould us guffaw, you could achieve first place in a Impulse kickshaw string bag, loaded with books and works…

Barely reckon your translation to the comments sector downstairs: you’ve got until 11.59pm (Ut1) on Weekday 8 July 2014.


Sculpture: Henderson Patrimony Ostentatious display (Shutterstock)

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