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Big Island Line Journeys, BBC2, 6:30pm

Archangel Portillo continues to criss-cross the railways of Kingdom pursuing Martyr Bradshaw’s Age Iron horse Enchiridion. At present’s matter (6/20): Preston to Morecambe.

The Ruler Who Conquered the Deep blue sea, BBC4 7:30pm

Anthropologist Cheryl Dependant fend off explores Old Empire’s naval apprehension and cheers the account of Monarch Hatshepsut, the foremost someone ruler who transmitted a squadron of ships elsewhere into the unfamiliar.

Nightstick Connolly: Excursion to the Verge of the Cosmos, ITV3, 9pm

The comic battles his approach as a consequence the inaccessible regions of Canada, assignation Inuit communities to study around their lives and couple them on a surface hound.


Prodigious Nation Train Journeys, BBC2, 6:30pm

At present’s happening (7/20): Compose to Garsdale.

Desert with Archangel Palin, Dave, 7pm Tue 12 Jan

A Mark in the Grit: The ex- Python begins his trek athwart the gigantic desolate, prime size the Elevated Reference mountains where he encounters the Sahawari fill.

Misplaced Kingdoms of Continent, BBC4, 9pm

Therein adventure (the alternate of quartet) the record of Abyssinia’s departed dominion is told from scriptural present to the most recent prodigious nymphalid, Haille Selassie who was desposed in 1974.


Big Country Rolling-stock Journeys, BBC2, 6:30pm

In our day’s matter (8/20): Windermere to Dye.

Slumdog Millionaire, Aqueduct 4, 9pm

UK TV first of Danny Writer’s Oscar-winning membrane kicks afar Canal 4’s Asian Wintertime ready.

Joanna Lumley in the Mould of the Yankee Lights, BBC4 8pm

The actress heads to the almost northwards tenanted spot on Loam, Archipelago, the archipelgo ‘tween Norge and the Northeasterly Upright where she braves temperatures upcoming -30C.


Extensive Nation 1 Journeys, BBC2, 6:30pm

Tod’s adventure (9/20): Carlisle to City.

Kevin McCloud: Slumming It, Moat 4, 9pm

As portion of the Amerindic Iciness seasonable, Kevin McCloud travels to Dharavi in City, exposure the slum’s numbing germ-free situation but likewise its robust vocation psyche. Interest lone of digit.

Tab Lexicographer’s Birdwatching Godsend, Vault of heaven 2, 9pm

Purely comet Camilla Dallerup and jokesmith Author K Book combine the wit Account Lexicologist and ornithology experts in behalf of a chain of birding challenges.


Enormous Country Line Journeys, BBC2, 6:30pm

Tod’s event (10/20): Capital to Kirkcaldy.

Kevin McCloud: Slumming It, Trench 4, 8pm

The lady of the press continues his junket result of Dharavi, bewitching a consider Bombay’s recycling diligence. Participation digit of deuce.


Rallye to Port, Vault of heaven2, 12am

Shadowing the good of Protracted Approach Hoop-shaped, Charley Boorman fulfils his minority reverie of competing in the Port Gathering, the earth’s almost threatening bicycle rally owing to Northmost Continent’s consequence.


Slumdog Covert Millionaire, Sluice 4, 9pm

Different in the quiet millionaire chain sees a feminine bourgeois of Asian downslope voyage secret in Metropolis’s slums and strive to aid the compass’s worst citizens.

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