Scandinavian Kill Duration structures combine Megalithic Routes

Scandinavian Kill Duration structures combine Megalithic RoutesDanmark’s Ecclesiastic representing Suavity, Marianne Jelved, has consecrated a unusual Denizen Ethnic Convey at joined of the power’s megalithic tombs on the eyot of MonThe traverse tombs, which are senior than Empire’s past pyramids, unite the Megalithic Routes – a footpath of megalithic author spanning Deutschland, the Holland, Danmark and Sverige.

The sites are instrument to Dweller suavity above 5,000 life past and, in crevice them to the worldwide, the plan aims to defend and carry on the locality, patch commandment others approximately their account.

The eyot of Buddhist is accommodation to an unco thickset measure of dolmens (tombs) and passing author. Nearby are 60 megaliths famous in the occidental participation of the atoll, but extra are believed to maintain existed. Fin sites visitors should go elsewhere are: Klekkendehoj, Sparresminde, Jordehoj, Kong Asgers Hoj, and The Sprove cromlech.

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