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Learn myWanderlustWhat happened when goWander jammed up and traveled to a latest goal…Approximating each and every travellers, goWander was tempted next to the bang of a voyage to a latest and electrifying goal…

The the entire brand-new, treks networking implement myWanderlust is the break to relate with like-minded travellers, layout and scrutinization trips and destinations, apportionment travelling tales, swap over tips and father your be in possession of myWanderlust digital stamp album – with your possess treks kodachromes, videos and experiences.

myWanderlust is the normal development of the goWander site and carries the whole of each the travelling experiences, likenesss, comment posts and videos from days of goWanderers’ globetrotting. A out of the ordinary show one’s gratitude you to every bit of the readers who cragfast with the place and built a spry and earnest voyages accord!

The logins are the identical, so if you were a goWanderer, you’re mechanically a participation of the myWanderlust dominion. If you weren’t a goWanderer, journal with itchy feet.co.uk/myWanderlust and dig up a globe of travellers on the internet.

You’ll stumble on mainstreamed delineations and the faculty to care your close-ups, experiences and videos into trips – make supply your most recent adventures and conjunctive with otherwise travellers fleet and straightforward.

Overjoyed travels move with myWanderlust!

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P.S goWander purposefulness be on the internet on the side of you to save bits in their primary appearance until the extremity of July 2010

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